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Wright State University’s ArtsUNgala

We had been looking forward to documenting Wright State University’s ArtsGala this year after spending multiple days on campus documenting the students’ hard work for a video that was to open the event. The Gala’s cancellation due to COVID-19 led to shift to an online fundraising platform to raise these crucial funds, so we adjusted the messaging and direction of the already-in-progress video to fit these new needs.

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Arts, Education, Nonprofit

About the Client

Wright State University ArtsGala

ArtsGala is one of the premier arts events in the Dayton region—and the only one to showcase the amazing talents of students from Wright State University’s theatre, dance, art, music, and motion pictures programs. In its 21-year history, ArtsGala has raised over $3 million for scholarships for students in the fine and performing arts. Each year, over 400 students showcase their talents for more than 800 patrons who find themselves in awe by the talents of performers, artists, musicians, and filmmakers.

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